I sat here when I first read this and sorta reflected on my life. Do I do this? Am I this person that judges other people like this?

Part of me thinks that if I were to see someone getting out of their $60,000 Mercedes while going to get food stamps that I would think how awful they are for "taking advantage" of the government system.

I usually would think I am really the most easy-going, non-judgmental person on the planet, but when I read the title, I clicked on it almost expecting to be mad at someone for going to get food stamps and having luxury items like this Mercedes.

I was humbled and learned something from this video, and I hope that you remind yourself to never judge a book by its cover.

Meet this woman, Darlena Cunha, who had an awesome job being a news producer and her husband who raked in good money as well.

My boyfriend proposed, and we bought a house. Then, just three weeks after we closed, the market crashed. The house we’d paid $240,000 for was suddenly worth $150,000. It was okay, though — we were still making enough money to cover the exorbitant mortgage payments. Then we weren’t.

Two weeks before my children were born, my future husband found himself staring at a pink slip. The days of unemployment turned into weeks, months, and, eventually, years.

Then my kids were born, six weeks early. They were just three pounds each at birth, barely the length of my shoe. We fed them through a little tube we attached to our pinky fingers because their mouths weren’t strong enough to suckle. We spent 10 days in the hospital waiting for them to increase in size. They never did. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my babies to put on weight. With their lives at risk, I switched from breast milk to formula, at about $15 a can. We went through dozens a week.

In just two months, we’d gone from making a combined $120,000 a year to making just $25,000 and leeching out funds to a mortgage we couldn’t afford. Our savings dwindled, then disappeared.