If there is one thing we know about living in Western New York is that we are a very prideful bunch.

That pride stays with us no matter what. If you move away, you are still looking for a Bills Backer bar or a Wegmans' or Teds near your new home.

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You still ask for Blue Cheese with your wings outside of Western New York. Any snowfall less than 5 inches is still just a dusting and you still react badly when someone says "Wide Right"

Sure it is stereotypical to mention wings, snow, and The Bills, but with every stereotype, there is a little bit of truth to it.

A comedian on Instagram really struck a nerve with 716ers when he turned his talented eye to the Queen City. Check out Mike Freeny's "Welcome To Buffalo" bit and don't tell me he didn't hit the nail right on the head about living in Buffalo.


From the fact that we get mad when people refer to us as "Upstate" or the tradition of covering Pinto Ron in Ketchup and mustard at Bills tailgate, Freeney did his homework about Western New York.

If he would have brought up the big debate about Flats vs Drumsticks or the Big Blue Watertower, I would have sworn that he grew up here in the 716.

So this weekend, let's prove Freeney right about Buffalo's stereotypes and go out and enjoy some wings and a blue and all things that Buffalo has to offer.

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