It’s been less than a week since the Buffalo Sabres fired head coach Don Granato, but the Sabres have just announced a major move in regards to who will fill the vacant seat. 

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Whispers of who would take the slot have been swirling since Granato left, and now, it looks like one of the most popular rumors is actually coming true. 

Lindy Ruff Buffalo Sabres
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Lindy Ruff Is Back Coaching The Buffalo Sabres

Reports say that beloved former Sabres head coach and team captain Lindy Ruff has just been hired to replace Don Granato as head coach. 

Ruff played the majority of his NHL career with the Sabres before being traded in 1989, and became the 15th head coach of the Sabres in 1997. Before getting fired from the position in 2013, Ruff led the Sabres to some of their most successful seasons ever, including an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999, and became the winningest coach in NHL history for a single team. 

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Ruff went on to join the coaching staff of the Dallas Stars, New York Rangers, and New Jersey Devils, the latter of which he was fired from this past March.

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