It's time that Lancaster has their time.

It's an underwhelming 'downtown' and they are finally on the upswing and we are here for it! So many new businesses are getting excited and opening up in Lancaster as all of these developments and dollars are poured into the heart of Lancaster, NY. If you've ever taken a walk through Lancaster and you pass by the Opera House, you'll see some coffee shops and cafes that you really should give a try!

5476 Broadway
2084 Como Park Blvd
24 Central Ave

It's an exciting time in Lancaster. The bike lanes down Central are now complete from Walden Ave to the Village, you probably have seen them by now, but in addition the roundabouts will be coming in the near future! The project is already underway and the plan is that 3 of them will be installed.

  • One right at the corner of Pleasant Ave and Central (right by the old Petals to Please and Rite Aid street light)
  • Another roundabout right at Aurora and Pleasant Ave.
  • Then one more that will be done last, right across the blue water tower going to a nearby street that will be eventually paved.
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