Let's say you only had $10 that you could spend to go out for lunch somewhere in Western New York.  Where would you go?  And what would you get?

Prices are up on everything these days.  From the clothes that we wear, to the food that we eat, everything is more expensive.  So how do you make the most out of your money?

Some people just choose to save their money.  Others just try to spend it wisely.  Take lunch, for instance.  If you were trying to save money on lunch, how would you do it?  Could you take $50 to the grocery store and buy enough food (that you'll enjoy) to help you make it through the week? It's definitely possible.  You could probably buy some bread and cold cuts or tuna fish, but are you going to actually like that?  Plus think about the time and effort it takes for that.

Now think of what you could do with that $50 instead of giving it to a big chain groce store.  If you took just $10 per day, could you get a lunch that you'd enjoy and also help out a local restaurant owner?  You probably could.  And it would probably be warm and fresh.

I asked the question on our facebook page and the response I got a lot was:

"Not getting much for $10 these days!"


However, if you continue to read the comments, there are actually a lot of places where you can get a full meal for just $10.

This time of year, that's huge too.  If you're looking for gifts, but can't really do a lot, a $10 gift card could help someone through a tough day.

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