Frankie Ballard is fresh off a few number one hits under his belt and he's coming out swingin' with a brand new single off an album that has yet to be announced.

Frankie Ballard Lyrics - 'It All Started With A Beer' Lyrics

You had a Corona, I was drinking Bud Light
That jukebox singing every song just right that night
Something brewing in the air, it was more than just smoke
Looking back, looking back after two you laughed at all my jokes
Tonight lets raise ‘em up to where we ended up

There’s been highs and lows, fast lane freeways and bumpy roads
Cursed the devil and prayed to heaven, lost it all and we rolled some sevens
There’s been some smiles then there’s been tears, been more good than bad years
Ain’t it crazy baby how we got here, Oh, it all started with a beer
Oh, it all started with an ice cold beer