Eric Church debuted a brand new song during Sunday night's broadcast of ACM Presents: Our Country. It's a song that he recently wrote and is specifically fitting for the times that we are in right now.

Of course, here are the lyrics because having the right words the first time around keeps you from making your own up :)

New Eric Church Song--Never Break Heart Lyrics

People say its a crime for bringing a life into the world these days
it's cold it's a load it's a heavy stone
that the heart can't take

but, hurts gonna keep on trying
and pain's gonna keep on crying
but way down deep there's a beat gonna keep on fighting

So go on and get born heart
and let your mama keep you warm, heart
and get down in the dirt, heart
go and get hurt, heart
live and let learn, heart

Don’t let fear steal your brave heart
Don’t let doubt take your faith heart
It’s ok to cry
But don’t never break heart

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