Before I wrote this I said to myself "maybe I'm just biased". I'm a huge Keith Urban fan (I even went to Australia to see him). But, than I thought "nope, I'm not. This song is that good.

This song is a masterpiece. It's emotional, simple and relateable. Keith Urban has picked some killer songs and even better duet partners on his latest album Fuse. 'We Were Us' with Miranda Lambert and 'Raise 'em Up' with Eric Church.

Raise em' up
I'm talkin' 'bout lighter on a Saturday night
The band plays a song you like
And you sing along

Raise em' up
I'm talkin' bout daddy's old pick up truck
Shot gun seat thiers the one you love
And you're kissin' on

Get those white sails flowin' down in Mexico
It's just a whiskey glass
If you ain't makin' a toast
Lift those tear filled eyes
Up to the sky
Comin' home you've been gone too long
Tonight we're gonna
Raise em' up

Raise em' up
You've gotta voice, you've gotta choice
Go make some noise
Don't ever let em' tell you
Who you are

Raise em' up
Fist black and blue
Fight for the truth
It's what you do
Hand on your heart
For the strips and stars