WHOA!! Talk about excited. I can't wait until Keith Urban's new album drops.

One of the best entertainers in the entire world and my favorite country star of all time, Keith Urban, will drop his new album Fuse on August 20, and it will feature some extra superstar power, with Miranda Lambert and Eric Church on the record.

Keith let us preview some new stuff off the upcoming album, so is his song with Miranda Lambert, called "We Were Us".

What do you think?

Rear view crosses, railroad ties

Oh Hail Marys, Friday nights

Heartbeat baby, low beam lights

God, I miss when you were mine

Back when that

Song was the song that we'd sing along and I

think about you every time it came on

every beat, every line, every word, every time

When the road was a road that I could run thorough

wishing that empty seat was you

Money was gas and dreams were dust

love was fast and we were us

Shotgun sunset

Back seat promise, breaking in

Floorboard feeling, County lights

God I miss when you were mine

Should we play it on WYRK?