Wednesday was my birthday and I decided I wanted to explore the Outer Harbor and take the Queen City Bike Ferry. I LOVE the water and since I recently purchased a bike I thought it was the perfect idea. I had no idea how great they were! I was impressed. I was stunned.

Photo Jun 15, 12 25 53 PM

The views of the water and the preserved land was amazing. It was quiet yet you could hear the jet skies and power boats in the distance and smell the water. It was perfect.

Buffalo Main Lighthouse

Photo Jun 15, 2 10 32 PM

We ran into a nice gentleman who informed us that you can now go to the lighthouse! It was so exciting. We went past the Coast Guard station and ended up at the lighthouse! The views of the city and Canalside were awesome.

We then hopped on the bike ferry. I think the idea is more exciting than the ride. It was so quick but SO convenient. Well worth the dollar! (Tip: You must have correct change.)

What can't I say about Canalside? It's amazing and for weekday afternoon – busy! People were kayaking and boating in the water, people were at the Naval Park and people were just walking around. It's something special and to be able to watch it grow is amazing.

Photo Jun 15, 2 17 35 PM

If you haven't checked out the Outer Harbor to bike, walk or just hang, you're missing out. There are so many different sections and stops too. It's beautiful and accessible, and the fact that you can easily head from Outer Harbor to Canalside with ease is a huge bonus because parking at Outer Harbor is so much easier.

Go. Explore. Have Fun. Buffalo has A LOT to offer!