And when I say old fashion, I mean not the actual cutting, just the experience... LOL

I'm pretty sure I found the jewel of WNY when it comes to Christmas trees. Akron Acres (formally Kelkenberg Farms of Akron) is my go-to place for a Christmas tree! I love it because you're not just picking out a tree and throwing it on your roof, you're getting the full experience of finding and cutting down the perfect tree with your family!


When you arrive at Akron Acres you head into a big barn full of winter smells and beautiful crafts and wreaths. This is where you buy your tickets for the SLEIGH RIDE (horse pulled wagon) out to the area of the farm where the trees are located. Once you have your passes and have paid for your tree you wait for the wagon, but you wont just be standing around. Another barn houses plenty of animals to keep the kids occupied until the next wagon arrives. Hop on the wagon and head out to the trees while the sleigh bells on the horses put you in the mood for tree hunting.



Once you arrive to the field they give you a run down of where the different types of trees are, show where the hand saws are and then let you in on a valuable secret. (you can flag down the guys on the tractors and they'll cut your tree down for your with a chain saw.)


No need to worry about carrying your tree either! Put your tag on the tree and pull it to the path and they'll come pick it up for you! By the time you get back to the barn it's leveled out, netted, and ready for them to load it on your roof and secure it! They do everything but pick out your tree for you! While you're waiting for the wagon to take you back you can sit by the campfire and roast the marshmallow they give you! Seriously, this is an awesome experience.


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