You might have heard me talk about using Blue Apron in the past few weeks and how easy it is! Blue Apron has sent me some meals to try so I can talk about it and honestly tell you my experiences!

I must say that it has made cooking less of a task and more of challenge, but in a good way. It's challenged me to really think about how I make dinner and how easy it is to make unique and fresh dishes right in my kitchen. I thought I would walk you through the process so you know exactly what it is like to use Blue Apron.

First, you let Blue Apron know what you like and don't like, if you have any allergies, or foods you want to stay away from. Then they generate a menu for you! They have new meals every week and never repeat in the year!

Once you pick your meals, you pick your delivery schedule! That's right! You decide when you want your meals delivered and if you want to take week off you can do that too!

You can track your box to see where it is at all times and then it comes! Don't worry if you're not home, the box is refrigerated so your food will stay fresh until you get home!

Liz Mantel

Pull out all your ingredients and you're ready to go! Each item is labeled so there is no confusion in trying to figure out what is what and which recipe it goes to! Each recipe has a card the lists all the ingredients used and gives you a step by step guide with pictures to help you create your meal! It's simple enough to cook on your own but it is a little faster and a lot more fun to cook with someone! The meal I'll walk you through is Beef Tartines with Zucchini au Pistou and it has been one of my favorite meals so far!

Liz Mantel

You can see how everything it provided and portioned perfectly for your meal! The portions are a great feature because not only is there not any waste but it keeps me in check on the amount of food I eat! But don't worry about there not being enough food, the portions are more than enough!

Liz Mantel

With the step-by-step guide they guide you along to help you not only cook the meal, but cook it in the most efficient way. All the meals take less than 40 minutes to prepare!

Liz Mantel

My goal is to always try and be identical to the picture on the step by step guide! While that doesn't always happen the taste makes up for presentation!

Liz Mantel

When it's done you've made this great meal that you probably wouldn't have even thought about making for a million reason. How hard would it be out of a cookbook, how much food would you have to go out and find and then figure out what to do with the remainder of the of the ingredients you bought so they don't go to waste? With Blue Apron they give you everything you need in the amount you need. No waste! The real beauty is that you then have the recipe and guide if you do want to make it again!

Liz Mantel

Still wondering if the meals are tasty? Trust me! You'll become a member of the clean plate club!

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You will love how good it feels, and tastes, to create incredible home cooked meals with Blue Apron, so don't wait! It's!

Blue Apron. A better way to cook.