Liz's Kitchen: Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls
Leftover cabbage from St.Patrick's Day? I have the perfect and EASY recipe for you to try! My grandma was all about "deconstructed" everything, she always said "it tastes the same and it's easier!!!" Her favorite thing to make was deconstructed stuffed p…
The Correct Way To Carve Your Thanksgiving Turkey
We've all seen it happen.  The turkey is cooked perfectly.  The table is set with the fancy dishes and you're even going to use napkins today...real napkins with turkeys or capricorns printed on them!  Then the person that is designated to carve the turkey stands up and just…
Fresh Guacamole
I wish I was this creative.  Whoever dreamed this video up is incredibly brilliant.  Watch how fresh guacamole is made in the mind of the person who made this video.  It comes complete with "chips."
Life Hack!
With the holidays getting closer, chances are you're going to be doing a little more baking.  In this week's life hack, we learn how to keep your ingredients in an airtight bag with the help of a juice bottle.
Game Changer
I've seen this floating around Pinterest before but I feel now that it's more legit because "Food & Wine" is showing us. LOL
I love bacon on...everything. This will definitely step up my sandwich game.
How to Make a Bacon Weave for the World’s Bes…
Bacon Sushi
How many times have you heard people say that they don't like sushi? I was one of those people for a long time. When it comes to sushi, you just have to find what you like. For you think you'd give it a try if it was made with BACON??

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