Wow THIS Is Why The Hole Is On Your Frying Pan
I had no clue that this was a thing!
How many times do we look at something and wonder "why is this even here"? On your frying pan you probably have a little hole on the end of it and you probably wondered what that was even for. I mean, who ACTUALLY would use that to hang their fry…
Grills & Smokers You’ll Love to Cook On
Fall is here and so is football season. That means it's time to cook up some brats and burgers and watch the big game. Here are some grills, smokers and fun accessories to help your home team get the ring for the best snack team.
Liz's Kitchen
Leftover cabbage from St.Patrick's Day? I have the perfect and EASY recipe for you to try! My grandma was all about "deconstructed" everything, she always said "it tastes the same and it's easier!!!" Her favorite thing to make was deconstructed stuffed p…

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