I had no clue that this was a thing!

How many times do we look at something and wonder "why is this even here"? On your frying pan you probably have a little hole on the end of it and you probably wondered what that was even for. I mean, who ACTUALLY would use that to hang their frying pans up somewhere? Not really anyone.

It also can be used to hold the utensil you're cooking with. After all, they make the hole long and skinny so you can just slide your utensil in it which will prop it up so, it's not just sitting on your kitchen counter.

This might not be the only item in the house that you find has a surprising purpose.

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You ever cook spaghetti and look at your spaghetti serving spoon and there's a hole in the bottom? You know what I'm talking about, but for some reason we just never question why it is even there in the first spot.

If you actually bundle up the dry, uncooked spaghetti while it is straight and stick it through the hole, just enough to fill the entire hole, that is ONE serving size.

What about heading to your office?

Check out your stapler. You always have your stapler and then you have your box of staples. Well, you can actually put the staples INSIDE the stapler. No, no...not inside the staple holder, but there is a HIDDEN COMPARTMENT.

Well, I guess it's only hidden if you don't know about it. Check out the bottom side of your stapler, you can slide it off and it is designed to hold all leftover staples that don't fit inside!

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