I took to Twitter to ask the simple question, "What's the best way to cook bacon?"  And suddenly people's minds were blown.  There's more than one way??  Yes, my friends...there are.

Most people are used to cooking bacon in one way.  It's their go-to and it's what they've done all their lives.  But...there are multiple ways to do it.

I would argue that most people simply put it in a pan or skillet and let that bacon snap and pop until it's crispy and ready to be devoured.  According to that poll, that's definitley the case.

Although, a pretty good amount of people spoke up for the oven method.  I get it...there's less of a mess as it all ends up in the bottom of the cookie sheet and doesn't burn you as you try to flip it.  But it takes sooo long.

I did have a few people write in "Air fryer" but I've never tried that method.  I don't have one.

This is where people had their minds blown.  My absolute favorite way to cook it...is in the microwave.

Yes, the microwave.  Trust me, it doesn't have the same affect on bacon as it does on turkey.  First off, there are special plates that will help you to cook it perfectly.  Then you sandwich the bacon between some paper towels on that tray, and you will find the crispiest, most delicious bacon ever.  Give it a try.

Then retake that survey above.  I think most people would agree the best way to cook bacon...is in the microwave.


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