Bacon Lover Rejoice
Yes... you read that right. If you think the one you spend the rest of your life with needs to share a love a bacon there is finally an app for you.
Oscar Mayer has released Sizzi as an iOS app that works similar to the Tinder dating app...
It's Good For Me!
Wife Swap is an interesting social experiment television show.  They take a wife from one house and ask her to go live with another family while that family's mother/wife comes to live with hers.  It's amazing how one person can be the glue in a family.  The mom that lives with this family however h…
Grilled Cheese
Go ahead, say that title over and over again.  It sounds just as good every time you say it.  Bacon Wrapped anything sounds good to me.  Now put it around a grilled cheese sandwich and we are headed to heart attack heaven.
Gross Or Great?
As we gear up for summer, you gotta start thinking about the fair.  With the fair comes strange foods that you may have never tried.  Or for that matter, even dreamed of trying.  The people at a blog called Oh Bite It dream these foods up daily.  And recently, they may have struc…
Game Changer
I've seen this floating around Pinterest before but I feel now that it's more legit because "Food & Wine" is showing us. LOL
I love bacon on...everything. This will definitely step up my sandwich game.
How to Make a Bacon Weave for the World’s Bes…
Bacon Sushi
How many times have you heard people say that they don't like sushi? I was one of those people for a long time. When it comes to sushi, you just have to find what you like. For you think you'd give it a try if it was made with BACON??
Bacon Alarm
Is there anything better than to wake up to the sizzling sound of bacon?  I would guess the only thing better would be to have actual bacon, but you can't necessarily have that every day.  However, now thanks to Oscar Mayer, you can wake up to the sound anyway...

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