McDonald's has introduced what I can only figure is a ploy to generate talk on social media and it's working because I'm talking about it.  They're calling it Bacon Hour.

Next Tuesday, January 29th, McDonald's is offering to include bacon with anything you buy for one hour, Bacon Hour, from 4 to 5 pm.  You want bacon on your french fries?  You got it.  Bacon on your ice cream cone?  You got it.  In your milkshake?  Sure, if you think that sounds good.  And we're talking thick cut, Applewood smoked bacon with anything you order, for free.

How it's going to work is each customer will be given two strips of bacon with their order.  They can do with it whatever they want.   It is limited to one side of bacon per person, per order.

But is it me?  I just don't get America's love affair with bacon.  I mean LOVE affair.  Some people could eat a whole pound of bacon.

Sure I like BLT's and occasionally I'll have bacon and eggs, although I've always preferred sausage. But bacon on everything? Bacon on a burger just doesn't sound appealing to me. Bacon on a chicken sandwich?...yuck.

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