St. Patrick's Day is HUGE in Buffalo and while that doesn't shock people in Buffalo it might surprise those outside of Western New York. Buffalo recently ranked in the Top 5 Cities in the country for St. Patrick's Day celebrations and Buffalo can deliver on that! Between the parades and the parties, Buffalo will make sure you have a St. Patrick's you won't forget!

Aside from the parties and parades you have to make sure you're coming through with the classic staples in St. Patrick's Day food! Corned Beef and Cabbage will be flowing out houses, restaurants and bars and chances are it all came from one place!

Mark Strub, President of Ford Brothers Wholesale Meats, Inc made the the trip from West Valley to Buffalo to deliver us some of their Paddy's Corned Beef! Mark had heard Clay and I talking about the holiday and my corned beef plans and reach out to come in and talk corned beef! How is it made and which kind should you be buying at the store? He answered everything!

Look for Part 2 of this post when I make the Paddy's Corned Beef for the office in the this week's upcoming Liz's Kitchen!

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