We have a couple days to get ready for St. Patrick's Day.  That means it's time to start setting up reservations for a place with incredible corned beef & cabbage.

It's no secret that we take our holidays very seriously in Buffalo.  In the spring, we get Easter, Dyngus Day, and St. Patrick's Day just to name a few.

St. Patrick's Day In Buffalo

For St. Patrick's Day, we don't just put on green shirts when we go to work.  We do it right.  There's a full-blown parade, we have green beer, and we eat corned beef and cabbage for days!

The Two Types Of Corned Beef Lovers

There are two types of people.  There are the kinds of people who have to make it on their own.  They either boil it or bake it.  I've even seen it done in an instant pot or an air fryer (I want to try that one this year).  Then there are the kinds of people who like to just go out and get their corned beef.

If you're one of those people who just can never seem to make your corned beef and cabbage the way that you like it done, maybe this year you take a year off and go see how it should be done.

How should it taste?

If you've never had corned beef before, it should be tender.  It has a bit of a salty flavor, but the salt shouldn't be overwhelming.  Pair it with some cabbage, some carrots and some potatoes and you've got a perfect meal.

So where do you go to get the best of the best in Buffalo?

I asked for your suggestions and these are the places that you suggested to me.  Here's the list of the best places for corned beef in Buffalo:

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