It's a crazy tradition that has started in our family and there is no way to get out of it! For the past four or five years we've celebrated Christmas at my parents in North Carolina. It's fun, we have a great time and get to spend some time at the beach. Even though it's chillier, nothing beats the smell of the ocean air. However, my parents and their good friends decided that to start the new year with a bang they would take the plunge into the Atlantic. Great...they started this when my sister and I weren't there to protest! So now every year we suit up and dive in with onlookers stopping to watch a bunch of fools dive in the freezing water. Now I know people do the plunge here in Buffalo and I know this does not compare, but it still is freaking cold! This year it was in the 40's and the water was around 50/55 degrees. Which, ok, run in and out...nope! My dad insists that we all go under the water, literally "diving" in! This year was by far the coldest it has ever been. It literally took my breath away, but that why Fireball is always involved! Here are some pics from the plunge!

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