I have to be honest, it was out of pure laziness that I decided to try the Instacart delivery service from Wegmans. I went to make my grocery list on the app and it popped up and I thought I'd look more into it, then it said the first delivery was free and I couldn't pass up the offer. I went through the whole process reminding myself how lazy I was being but then talked myself down by saying I could use this as review for the website for other people who hadn't yet brought themselves to try it. Here's what I thought of each step!

Ordering Your Groceries

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If you use the Wegmans app you will have no problem with the Instacart site. It's the same concept, type in the item you want and it will pull up all related items to your search. There wasn't one item that I put into the search field that didn't come up. The only con to the search feature is that not all items have pictures. I don't know about you but sometimes I know I'm getting the right item based on the color of the packaging or some other visual distinction.

Picking The Delivery Time


This was a bit crazy for me. During my ordering process the "Delivery Availability" would change. One moment it said "Between 2-3pm" and then it would chance to "Between 3 and 4", at one point it said within 2 hours! I obviously would rather have my groceries within 2 hours so I felt under the gun to get all the shopping done quickly so I could grab that time slot. By the time I finished and hit order it was back to between 3 and 4pm (this was at 11:30am). I didn't really care about the delivery time because this was done on a whim and I wasn't paying for it so I knew I couldn't be too picky. Also, I can imagine that if you are planning on using this you're doing just that...planning. I just couldn't help but think to myself in the moment that I could have it done my list and had my shopping done within the hour. But thinking about busy families or someone that works a lot being able to do this during their busy week makes a lot more sense than me on a long weekend.

Shopping And Delivery

When you select your delivery time there is a box for special comments. I was so excited to see this because I never use my front door but love to have it open. I'm also currently in battle with some bees and their nest and that's also next to the front door. So I'm glad I was able to specify that they should come to the side door! I know it's small but it brought my anxiety level down.


I was alerted when my shopping started. This opened a channel that they could communicate if there was a problem while they were shopping or if any changes needed to be made. It also alerted me when the shopping was done and the delivery was on its way!

The delivery was pretty basic, the shopper came to my door and handed me the groceries. I asked if she enjoyed her job and she said she did. I thanked her and that was that. Pretty simple!



The one thing that I worried about was the selection they would make when it came to produce and the meats. I didn't think they would put a bad banana or an old piece of meat in the cart, but still I would imagine I'm like a lot of people and can be particular on what I'm looking for in a potato... like size!

I will say if I do it again I would probably put a lot more notes in the special notes part. It's not that the shopper picked any bad items. The shopper did an excellent job, I just wish I would have specified the ripeness I wanted the bananas or size of the potatoes I wanted. Again, this was user error and had nothing to do with the shopper. These are just things I would have done differently.



While I don't think this service is for me I do think that it probably brings a lot of people what they just don't have....time. The idea that a family that has two working parents and kids is three different sports can salvage an hour or two of time that they didn't have before is amazing. The process was easy and just like the Wegmans app you can see your previous order and even have "my list". If my week ever gets crazy or I'm in a bind I would absolutely use this service again!


- When ordering produce be specific about what you want (i.e. ripeness and size)

-If you want a specific delivery time order early, even the day before.

-Service Amount and Tip are two different things.

The Service Amount does not go to the person delivering your order. It goes through the       company to compensate everyone so they do not need to rely on tips. You can set the         service tip to $0 and then tip your shopper directly. However, if more than one person is         involved in your shopping they won't see that tip. I didn't know this going in and thought         the service amount was the tip. As I am still unsure how it gets divided I didn't want my           shopper to go without a tip so I added an additional tip for her as well. I would say that this     was probably the most frustrating part of the process.

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