We've made this a tradition with my mom's side of the family and I'm so glad we did! For the past three years we've been vacationing on Emerald Isle on North Carolina's Crystal Coast. It's technically part of the Outer Banks but is far south of the area people think of when they hear "Outer Banks." My mom came across it after my parents moved to near by New Bern, NC. Naturally, my mother has become best friends with the rental company and we've become pretty loyal. We've landed a favorite house and it's called "Magical Dreams". It fits our family perfectly and has a killer view! We've now turned our tradition into an every other year so our countdown to the return is a bit longer but we already can't wait to get back in two years! We not only celebrated 4th of July at the beach but we also got to celebrate my little cousin's 3rd birthday! The fireworks were awesome and there were professional and beachgoer fireworks and they went on for a long time!

We have a strong photo rule while at the beach because some of the parents just like to post willy nilly without seeing if the picture is ok...lol. So photos are limited.

Here is the house "Magical Dreams" we stay in and I highly recommend Shorewood Reality if you're interest in Emerald Isle but there are a ton a rental companies and houses!



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