There is a lot to look forward to for Bills fans this season.  The Bills look good.  The rest of the teams in their division don't.  If you need something to make you smile...

How long have we waited for this, Bills fans?  How many times did you have to say out loud that "This is our year!" while knowing that the team you were standing behind wholeheartedly, was a long shot to win much?  How many times did it feel like we were chasing all the good teams and were the laughingstock of the NFL?

It's been forever since Bills fans have had the chance to feel like this.  I know this probably isn't going to sound great for fans of other teams.  I'll say it again...we've waited a long time for this.  This year, we need to soak it all in.  We need to feel what it feels like to be chased instead of doing the chasing.

This weekend was all of that.  The Bills came out and dominated.  They took care of business early and the other teams in their division...did not.  The Dolphins and the Patriots beat each other up which was kind of fun to watch on a Sunday and not care who won. I know Dolphins fans.  We hear you saying, "But we won that game!" You sure did.  You beat the Patriots who looked awful.

Also, while we're saying it...we love to see people get sacked...but we never want anyone to get hurt.  We hope Mac Jones recovers fully from his back injury.

The Bengals played the Steelers and lost in overtime.  Burrow threw an interception right away and they ended up giving Pittsburgh's kicker two chances to seal it after the first hit the upright.

It was just a good weekend to be a Bills fan.  I know, they won't all feel this way.  But for this week, if you need something to make you smile...take in these couple of pictures from this past weekend's action:

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