This was a debate that caused my family a couple of hurt feelings, but we can't be the only one.

We got married at the St. Joseph's downtown last November and as we gear up for our first anniversary we are also celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday.

We wanted to give him a family photo with all of my grandpas kids: my aunts, uncles and cousins.

The problem:

  • My cousin's long term girlfriend isn't around anymore. They broke up.
  • We photoshopped her out of the picture.
  • My grandpa didn't really like her much.
  • But, my cousin is offended we didn't ask first before we gave grandpa a photoshopped picture without her noticeably missing.

**At the risk of causing another family fight I won't show the picture that Val photoshopped for my grandpa lol**

It should be like a rule that when you are the significant other you know you should let the family have their own picture first, then jump in one. Right?

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