You Be The Judge

Scumbag Move? Can You Return This To The Store This Many Times?
Just because you can, doesn't mean it's always right. Though, you can definitely save a ton of money by doing this often.
Val has this steam mop that she bought over 10 years ago and the place she bought it from has no return policy so, years go by and she will return it over and over again…
You Be The Judge: Jerk Move Or Just Being Resourceful?
What do you think here?
On New Year's Eve our friend went to a restaurant and they found out it was reservation ONLY. The hostess was calling for the 'Mike' who had a reservation at 7:30.
They called out again.
So, our friend just decided to say that he was Mike and STOLE the reservation…
YOU BE THE JUDGE: Mom Lets Ex-Husband in For Kids
It's a sticky situation and it takes quite the person to put their emotions aside for their kids. But, I guess that's what parents do.
One woman is letting her ex-husband come over for Thanksgiving next week. It was a tough year, after she found out that he had been cheating on her they spl…
Removes Dog's Eye
Kimberly Hayden made a visit to the vet after her 12-year-old dog Chloe's left eye was tearing up and irritated.
She got a phone call saying that a surgery was needed and it was 'critical' and the eye needed to be removed, but she claims they did not ask for her permission, especially …
Have You Ever Done This With Your Kid’s Communion Money?
What do you do with your kid's money when they get gifts for their baptism money, birthday money or communion money? Did you get a wad crash from your parents when you left the house?
A couple of my friends who are married, have a 2-year-old and were in a debate yesterday...
WNY Family Wedding Dilemma: Should They Be Excluded?
This was a debate that caused my family a couple of hurt feelings, but we can't be the only one.
We got married at the St. Joseph's downtown last November and as we gear up for our first anniversary we are also celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday...
You Be The Judge
Alex Boles, a teacher in Tennessee wrote the word 'STUPID' across one students forehead in permanent marker. It has not been released exactly why he did it, but sources say that Boles wrote the word backwards on the students forehead so that he can look at himself in the mirror...
Tacky Move?
This woman must really be impatient! Apparently, she was just kidding, but Annie Nolan, 26, was getting frustrated by the amount of similar comments and questions she received whenever she left the house with two-year-old twin girls named Delphine and Cheska.

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