There's been a situation going on that we have had to address a couple of times. Val has had to come to Clay's defense and it's been kind of annoying for the rest of the office.

Clay has been on this health kick since the New Year (and he has not screwed up ONCE!)

  • He's in one of those gym bets where he pays a certain amount and if he screws up he does not get the money back. If he loses the weight and follows the diet to a T, he gets the money back
  • He's on a strict diet.
  • Must eat certain things from the gym.
  • Problem is: it ABSOLUTELY REEKS AND Rob and the entire place gets ticked at him because when he cooks it smells up the entire office.

I think it's also worth noting he's the longest tenured person in our building.

Why can't he eat something else? He says he can't. I get that he is trying to better his life and we should be good friends/co-workers, but it's making people's stomachs upset because he's stuff stinks like trash when he cooks. Should he just stop?


Should he stop? Or does the rest of the place need to get over it and be supportive?

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