This is probably one of, if not, the easiest Liz's Kitchen to date. It came from pure laziness but still wanting to try a recipe. This would be a great cookie to make with the kids because there is little baking and a lot decorating. I will post the original recipe that also gives you a homemade icing recipe but feel free to use my shortcut to avoid more work! Now I am by no means a decorator and I'm sure if I were these would look more like trees and less like piles of icing, but this will fun for the kids and even for you!


3D Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies 

Sugar Cookie Dough
Betty Crocker Icing in a can with tips
Holiday Sprinkles


First take the sugar cookie dough and make three different size balls. These are going to be each layer of the tree so make sure they are round and make sure you have the sizes right.


Throw the cookies in the oven and bake according to the package. Pull the smallest cookies out before the other two to prevent over baking them. Once the cookies are done pull them out and let cool.


Take your icing in the can and put the star nozzle on. Next, following the edge of the cookie lay down a layer or two of the icing. Place the next size cookie and top and repeat and then finally place the smallest cookie on top and make the point to the tree.


Next take your holiday sprinkles and sprinkle them onto the tree. Then take your star sprinkle and place on the top. Easy as that! Put on a plate or put right in your mouth! You can get as basic or creative with the frosting and the sprinkles! Have fun and Happy Holidays!


Get the original recipe (with homemade icing recipe) HERE if you feel like doing some real baking. lol

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