Before you scream that nobody makes better cookies than your grandma for the holidays, we know.  Grandma's cookies are awesome.  But these are next in line.

The holidays just aren't the holidays without some incredible Christmas cookies

It's right up there with hot chocolate, Christmas music, and decorating the tree.  And yeah, we know that there will never be anything better than that family recipe that's been passed down through the years or the one that your grandma had to show you how to make because she "doesn't need to measure out how much" because she's been doing it for years.

What if your family can't make them for you, or you don't live by them though?

But if you don't live near your family, or you never had the opportunity to learn how to make them in the past, do you just go without Christmas cookies?  Of course not!  You need to find somewhere to get them that knows what they're doing.

Cookies can be bought in many different stages now

There used to only be a couple of different ways to get Christmas cookies.  You either had to bake them yourself, have someone close to you bake them for you, or you would have to buy them from a store.

But now, you can buy cookie dough so that you can still bake them on your own (but you don't need a recipe).  You can get them already baked with icing on the side so that you can decorate them on your own (because decorating them is half the fun!).  Or you can buy them ready to put on a plate and serve to guests.

I asked you to suggest some places to get cookies in Western New York, and did you ever!  I have a long list of places to check out this Christmas season here in Western New York.

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