We had so much fun at the Erie County Fair yesterday! Dale helped me "prepare" two different easy and delicious recipes. These two recipes are two of my new favorites to make in the summer because they're easy to make, they share ingredients and they both have great stories. We had so much fun "preparing" these two dishes together for everyone, the night was full of laughs and samples just like I promised!


The Cucumber Onion Salad was such a big hit at the Taste of Buffalo that I had to bring it back. When I was in Nashville or my dad's Hall of Fame Induction we went to this restaurant called Monell's. It's a family-style restaurant and it is so delicious! One of the side dishes they had was a simple cucumber onion salad and it was so refreshing and light! I decided to try and replicate and while I probably will never be able to replicate it I'm going to try and come close. I scoured the internet looking for a recipe that would bring out the similar flavors I remember and this is what I came up with.


This next recipe is really close to me even though I just recently discovered it. When my grandma passed we took her recipe box and copied every recipe in there. We all had our favorites but I didn't realize how many recipes I didn't know about! I was looking through the recipes the other day and I saw the slaw recipe and HAD to try it! I love coleslaw and was nervous that I wouldn't like it but there was nothing to worry about! This recipe is so easy and can be made with things that you have in your pantry! The only thing I had to get from the store was the cabbage. Great Grammy had me shredding a head of cabbage myself but it's 2018 and I just don't have time to shred and head of cabbage, especially when I can buy it. LOL

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