Over the summer I was involved in a farm share. I had never done it before but had known people who had and loved it! It was a cool experience all around, from picking up the farm share to using them in recipes, it felt good to be a part of a community. That's why when I received the email about the cow I actually had some serious thought.

When I talked to the person on the phone to try and get a general idea of the size and price I was told that a quarter cow was generally anywhere from 115-160, but nothing is set in concrete. Perfect!!! I found a freezer that was on-sale and we were ready to roll! Clay had just gotten a cow and I was jealous and ready to join in on the fun! Then I got the call....yes, the call telling me the cow was a little bigger and the total poundage was a little over 200 pounds. Gulp. So what! The more the merrier, right?! Well, not so much. The freezer I had only held 150 lbs. and my other freezer could not pick up the 60 pounds of slack. So a trip back to Lowe's to exchange the freezer for a bigger one and a couple more hundred dollars than I was expecting I was now ready for the cow.

The cow came on Saturday and it was awesome! I had bought a vacuum sealer to make sure the meat was protected and stored the best way possible! However, it came vacuumed sealed already! I am set for a while a beef and I can't wait to get cooking!

Any good recipes that you have involving any of the meat you see here, send my way! lizmantel@wyrk.com

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