It's no secret that it can be pretty hard to make decisions on a future livelihood for high school students these days.

While many still go to college right after high school or go to the workforce, there's a growing number of students who take a "gap year", between high school and college. According to TD Ameritrade, more than 35% of high school seniors are now thinking of taking a "gap year."

In fact, one Western New York high school is considering launching a new gap year program that is rooted in community collaboration.

Sweet Home High School and principal Scott Martin are in the early stages of creating a new program that would allow students to gain additional experience outside of the classroom.

"The foundation of what we believe in is that every kid at some point will hit a switch and decide, this is what I want to do." says Martin. "When they make that decision we want them to be able to have the tools and experience to be able to craft that plan that allows them to get there." This, according to Martin, could come in the form of internships, apprenticeships of volunteer opportunities ... essentially a gap year, built into your senior year. "The key here is to provide the student with an experience that allows them to develop a growth mindset so that as they begin to decide what they want to go - they can craft a plan to get there," says Martin.

The plan for Sweet Home is still in the early stages and will involve the likes of teachers, parents, students, community and business leaders in the creative process. The goal would be to have a plan in place the next 2-3 years.

What do you think of this "gap year" program?

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