One local Western New York restaurant has taken to social media to address several complaints they have received from customers.

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During COVID-19, the rules and guidelines for local restaurants have been very fluid and sometimes change day-to-day. One local restaurant responded to complaints on their Facebook page.

Ebenezar Ale House wrote this lengthy "Open Letter" to its customers and I will have to say I totally agree with them.

We are not back to normal...not even close and while I am glad you are choosing to support local businesses remember they are not at 100%. They might only have a skeleton staff, they might have just learned of a new guideline and please, please respect them enough to follow their rules.

From wearing masks to using the right doorway, while it might be inconvenient for you, your actions could cost them money with fines from the state and even possible closure.

If you don't want to wear a maks when you are out, just avoid going to places that make you wear one while inside. Again..this is not a YOU issue, your disregard for rules and guidelines could cost the business.

Also if you ever feel the need to yell at an employee who has asked you to wear a mask...PLEASE READ THIS (CLICK HERE)


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