Yes...I am talking to you if you think berating a store employee over a mask-wearing policy is fine. I was shopping over the weekend when I saw a grown woman yell at a teenage employee over the fact she had to wear a mask while shopping in the store.

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First off, there were several hard to miss signs posted on the entry doors and inside where you got your cart stating that "Masks Must Be Worn" while shopping. Just like pants and shirts are required, now due to COVID-19, masks are required too.

Would you go shopping without your pants and then throw a fit when someone asked you to put some on? Most people wouldn't.

Second...the employee, who probably is making minimum wage, didn't create the mask-wearing policy. Chances are they don't care if you wear one or not, but their boss and the people who sign their checks do, so like most of us when our boss tells us to do something we do it. So in order to continue to get a paycheck, they had to walk over to you and ask you to put on a mask

Now before you say it is your right to not wear a mask, you are correct. You don't have to wear a mask, you don't have to shop at the store, you don't even have to leave your house. But you chose to go to the store, where masks are required to be worn while shopping. You chose to enter knowing that you were breaking store rules, you chose to be the rebel. are not a "hero" for yelling at the teenage didn't do anything productive, you still had to leave the store and didn't get the products that you wanted or needed.

All you did was make a teenager breakdown and cry...In these very "unique" times shouldn't we do what we can to lift each other up? Shouldn't we try to make people smile and be happy? COVID-19 has been tough on all of us and it is not going to get better if we don't work together.

So..people without a mask next time you want to go shopping, find a place that allows you to shop without a mask. I am sure there are stores out there or better yet next time wear a mask and treat the employees with the respect that you want to be treated with.

Thank you..Rant over!


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