The number one food in Western New York are chicken wings; there is absolutely zero doubt about that.

Beef on weck, Buffalo-style pizza and sponge candy get plenty of love, as they should, but Buffalo and chicken wings go hand-in-hand. Other than the Bills (and the snow), it's what we're most famous for.

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I'm not about to say people go out of their way to visit Buffalo. We love it here and I truly believe this is the most underrated region in the United States, but those who visit here do so because they're visiting family or friends, on a business trip, or are playing a sporting event here.

Those who do visit Western New York always go for some wings. However, they usually go to the same three spots, as great as they are.

Duff's, Anchor Bar, and most recently, Bar-Bill.

Bar-Bill used to be a place that only Buffalonians and East Aurora residents visited, but they have grown in popularity to the point that out-of-towners are brought there for their chicken wing experience.

There are still some amazing places to visit that are not "tourist stops." There are very few chicken wings which are not good here. It's easy to find a place that serves up quality wings.

But there are certain (incredible) chicken wing stops that only Buffalonians visit. Out-of-towners usually do not visit these places, because they simply don't know about them.

Here are the top nine places for chicken wings that tourists don't visit in Buffalo.

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