Buffalo and Western New York was once a major hub of travel and tourism and continue to be a major city of interest. Of course, as we look to the future, we can't forget the past.

The area is steep in a rich tapestry of history and with our "Long Ago Buffalo" series, we will take you back to look at all the Western New York had to offer.

This week we are looking at Connors' Hot Dog Stand.

First opened in 1944, the hot dog stand was opened by Mr. Connor as a place where his children could work in the summer. From that first summer and every other summer, every member of the Connor family has worked at the stand.

While times have changed and workers and customers have come and gone, one tradition has endured. The French Fries at Connors' are made the same way today that they were made that first summer in 1944.

We had a chance to take a peek behind the scenes and see exactly how the fries are made.

Connors' now has two locations as well. The Original location on Lake Shore road is currently open 7 Days a week from11am until10pm, while the location at Sturgeon Point Marina will open on Saturday, May 25th.


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