Buffalo and Western New York was once a major hub of travel and tourism and continue to be a major city of interest. Of course, as we look to the future, we can't forget the past.

The area is steep in a rich tapestry of history and with our "Long Ago Buffalo" series, we will take you back to look at all the Western New York had to offer.

This week we are looking at The Port Of Buffalo

The Port of Buffalo was once the United States' busiest inland port and its second largest rail center.

The port started out small with only around 2400 people living in the area in 1825 but when  the Erie Canal was finished with the Port of Buffalo as its western terminus, the canal brought a flood of people and business to the Port of Buffalo, and it was incorporated into a city in 1832 with a population of about 10,000 people.

During its heyday, The port saw plenty of important historical figures visit the area including President Abraham Lincoln, who visited the Port of Buffalo on his way to Washington DC, staying at the American Hotel in 1862.

The Port of Buffalo was also home to the  1901 Pan-American Expo where President William McKinley was shot and killed.

Traffic started to decline at the port in 1957 when the St. Lawrence Seaway was opened, it basically cut off the port from important trade routes.

Now the port is seeing revitalization and will be hosting 12 Tall Ships this 4th of July weekend.

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