Buffalo and Western New York was once a major hub of travel and tourism and continue to be a major city of interest. Of course, as we look to the future, we can't forget the past.

The area is steep in a rich tapestry of history and with our "Long Ago Buffalo" series, we will take you back to look at all the Western New York had to offer.

This week we are looking at Devil's Hole

There are plenty of amazing trails to hike in Niagara Falls, but one comes with a possible curse! Do you know the story behind Devil's Hole Cave?

The cave is where one of the numerous battles between Native Americans and English settlers and soldiers took place. The Battle of Devil's Hole aka "Devil's Hole Massacre" took place in 1763 and is where hundreds of Senecas battled and defeated a British Wagon Train and over 100 soldiers.

But there is more to the story.....because of the battle, people claim that the area of Devil's Hole is cursed. People say that if you take a rock from the area you will be followed by bad luck.

We had a chance to hike down to Devil's Hole...check out our video.

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