Remember when the North Tonawanda Common Council passed a law requiring any child caught bullying, or attacking another student or staying out past cerfew multiple times, their parents would take the fall and do the time?

If the kids were found guilty the parent was going to have to pay a $250 fine and even spend a night in jail.

A different school has a new idea.

A completely new idea--actually the opposite.


A school district in West Virginia said it was extremely effective, too. Of course, why wouldn't it be?

If there was an issue at school that was non-threatening, instead of being suspended, the student would be required to ask their parent to come and sit with them, next to their side, for an entire school day.

It's not really the most convenient method for parents, but if you have a supportive community and parent base--it could be extremely successful and the district says it has noticed the students becoming more respectful and obedient young adults.

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