No way!! Our friends in Lancaster at Walczak Auto Service on Transit found this little guy when opening up the hood to work on a vehicle...

Looks like a woodchuck found his way in the engine, probably where he thought it was nice and warm.

Just to note: the little guy was set free and was okay.

Courtesy: Jer Walczak

When you see an animal that is not where it is supposed to be, isn't it always oddly alarming. One time we had a squirrel in our house that got down the chimney and the way everyone in the house was screaming you would have thought that it was a bear or something LOL. But, it is always way more dramatic than it needs to be.

If you ever find an animal that is not in the right area or injured you can always call the SPCA to come to assist. You should know that there is a certain way to call. You need an appointment, as of right now during these COVID times, to surrender an animal. Here is the number in case you ever find a wild animal around your home and need the SPCA: 716-875-7360, ext. 247. It is important you do not touch the animal before calling or bringing the animal in!

According to the Erie County SPCA website:

The Wildlife Department provides medical treatment to more than 100 species of wildlife. We are one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation facilities in New York State, dedicated to rehabilitation, release, and education of wildlife. With a staff that includes licensed rehabilitators, a wildlife veterinarian, and 150 volunteers, approximately 3,500 sick, orphaned, and injured wild animals are cared for annually!

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