The 11 Day Power Play is going on right now at HarborCenter where 40 players from Buffalo will play hockey continuously for 11 days straight and break the world record for longest hockey game.

Rick J

I mean, it was a great opening. Rick Jeanneret surprised everyone to do the play-by-play and the place went NUTS (for last night, at least, anyway), Rob Ray was between the benches and Sabretooth came.

But, the best moment was when the organizers of the 11 Day Power Play came out. Before Mike and Amy Lesakowski came out to speak to the crowd of about 1,000 people, everyone thought they were at about $800,000 raised of their $1 million goal.

Then Amy's voice begins to crack.

They just found out they beat their goal before it even started. $1,017,000 raised. The place went crazy. It was a great night and a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, too.

Go down there and support the 40 guys that are going to spend the next 11 days at HarborCenter playing (4 hour ice shifts then 9 hours off).

The closing ceremony will be July 3 at 8 AM.

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