Sunday was not a good day for the Buffalo Bills and definitely not a good day to be a member of Bills Mafia.

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In the middle of a cold rainy Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bills succumbed to the weather and were embarrassed by the Indianapolis Colts at home 41-15.

The worst part of the loss is that the Indianapolis Colts are a "dome" team which means that they are supposed to play awful football when outside in the elements and the Bills who are an "outside" team and are used to the weather should be the better team.

Well after sitting in the freezing rain and bitter cold to see their hometown team get trounced at Highmark Stadium, mand Bills fans took to social media demanding that when the new stadium is built that it needs to be a domed stadium or have a retractable roof.

The Bills are planning on building a new stadium in Orchard Park or if you believe some plans in Downtown Buffalo in the next couple of years and both sides of the "Dome" have argued why their side should prevail.

But after the beating the Bills took from a "Dome" team on Sunday, the argument of using the weather to our advantage might be null and void.

No matter what side of the debate you land on, don't forget that the Bills for the most part during ba weather will train and practice in their "Domed" practice arena. So it is unlikely the team has a true advantage when it comes to playing a "Dome" or "Outdoor" team in the weather at Highmark Stadium.

Check out what some fans were posting on Social media over the "Dome" debate.



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