It's graduation time.  Millions of students will be walking the aisle soon.  Recently, one of those students was a former Buffalo Bill that the Bills Mafia knows well.

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How many unfortunate stories have you heard about former players from the NFL who seemed to have the world in their hands while they were playing, only to retire and lose everything?  Many of them make millions of dollars while they're on a team, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean they're set for life.

Lorenzo Alexander is not going to be one of those players.

Who is Lorenzo Alexander?

Lorenzo Alexander is a former Buffalo Bill.  His career started as an undrafted free agent that was signed into the league with the Carolina Panthers.  From there, he went on to play for the Baltimore Ravens, the Washington Redskins, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Oakland Raiders before coming to Buffalo in 2016.

Some of his accomplishments include being a 2 time Pro Bowl selection, second-team All-Pro selection and a Pro Bowl Defensive MVP.

He's also a dad.

Lorenzo Alexander the dad

Alexander is married and has four kids - two daughters and two sons.  Being a Christian, his family is incredibly important to him.  He wants to make sure to always be a good role model for his kids and was able to accomplish something really cool with his oldest daughter recently.

Lorenzo Alexander the recent graduate

According to The Athletic, Alexander already has a degree from Cal-Berkley in legal studies at Cal-Berkeley.  But now his goal is to become a life coach for new players to help them live better lives too.

“I’m here to help athletes create more value for themselves through life lessons, to extend a career, increase their impact and be better prepared for that eventual transition,”

Now he's added to his list of degrees after achieving a Masters degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. To make it even sweeter, he was able to earn that degree with his oldest daughter.


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