The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics have only just kicked off, but some crazy spills have already started happening. This story is about Indian luger Shiva Keshavan's crash during a practice run.

According to NBC, 31-year-old Indian luger Shiva Keshavan was on a practice run on his sled when he lost control and fell off during a turn. The rest of the run up until that point was pretty smooth, but Keshavan fell around the 27 second mark. He slid on his side for a few moments and it looked like his run would result in a failure, but he managed to maneuver around and hoist himself back onto his sled.

After he corrected his positioning and stabilized himself, he continued the rest of his practice run until he finished at 1:01.64. Since there are no rules about falling off a sled and completing a run, Keshavan's run has been officially recorded.

Keshavan is famous for having used a Himalayan highway as a makeshift training track. The hazards he faced on the road may or may not have prepared him to make impromptu recoveries like this one, but it seems like he's a talented luger either way.

You can watch the amazing footage of Keshavan's fall and nearly miraculous recovery through the NBC link above. And we'll continue to bring you more amazing news from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Keep your eyes on the games, because you never know when something awesome will happen!

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