Brantley Gilbert has a brand new tune out called 'The Ones That Like Me' and it's one of those songs that will strike a chord with you on the first listen. Take a listen and of course, here are the lyrics to make everything better.

New Brantley Gilbert Song Lyrics -The Ones That Like Me Lyrics 

Ain't gonna lie I can count on both hands

My down to ride til the day I die friends

To get them I'd liek to think

I'm few and far between

Guys like me you want in an alley with ya

Up a creek, ain't a doubt I'm gonna paddle with ya

Go to bat, go to church, go to battle with ya

They can say what they want about me but

The ones that need me got me

The ones that doubt me can't stop me

Even the ones that said forget him, you can bet they ain't forgot me

Either wanna hit me or hold me

Those that hate me don't know me

And the ones that don't trust anybody trust me

Yeah, the ones that like me love me

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