The only thing worse than the parking situation for concerts at Darien Lake is the drunk people who go crazy and attempt to ruin it for the rest of us.

Think about it: how many times have you gone to a concert and been shoved for no reason, had beer spilled on you with no apology to follow, been cursed at for just being in your seat, and other mild inconveniences as a result of concertgoers unable to handle their liquor.

When you think of Nickelback, you should think of their no-nonsense attitude. They’ll tell you straight, unafraid to confront you and refuse to back down. 

At the Nickelback concert on Wednesday, there were some fans in the pit who had a little too much to drink and got too rowdy in the audience. A fight ended up breaking out – and it was only the first song! 

While performing San Quentin, a group of 5 to 10 people began pushing and shoving in the pit. Chad stopped singing for a moment to address the fight, reminding them that “you’re on camera” and “we can see you.”

He was nice enough to give them a warning, but that didn’t stop the fight from growing and becoming more intense. In fact, it got so bad, by the time the song ended – Nickelback ended up getting the group ejected from the venue.

You can see the video below of the group getting tossed out [with censored audio]. 

For a closer angle and with uncensored audio, you can watch that below, but we advise caution. 

It’s the worst when people get so hammered at a concert that they ruin it for everyone else. Props to Nickelback for calling out the group and removing them from the venue before they ruined another fan’s concert experience.

And if you missed the concert, man — you missed out. It was one of the loudest concerts at Darien Lake in a long time. 

In Western New York, we don’t hate Nickelback: we love them!

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