There's zero secret that Buffalo is a strong town, with people who are very proud to be from Western New York.

From the weather to the failure of the sports teams, Buffalonians have taken a lot of shots from outsiders and that's why this community is such a tightly-knit group. We're also very proud of our food.

The locally-run restaurants and bars in Western New York are a major reason this community is so awesome. Serving up great food and the foods that we have come to love and expect: wings, Buffalo-style pizza, beef on weck, etc.

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In terms of pizzerias, there are so many great options. Buffalo has more great pizzerias per capita than pretty much any city in the United States. Yes, anywhere.

One of the most popular places is Macy's Place Pizzeria.

Located on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga, Macy's has garnered a lot of cool attention for their awesome pizza quality and unique creations; with their pizza and wings.

On Wednesday, however, Macy's decided to address some concerns regarding negative online reviews.

In their Facebook and Instagram story, they wanted to let people know that they can share any dissatisfaction with their food or order to them directly. They will rectify it with refunds, discounts, remakes, etc.

They said, "the incessant need for everyone to opine negative Google and Yelp reviews on the regular without letting us correct the mistake or notifying us of anything is becoming tiresome. There's just no need for it and I think that goes for a lot of businesses these days. Bring it up with us."

Stories on Facebook and Instagram only last 24 hours.

Google and Yelp reviews are a common form of voicing displeasure with restaurants. For some customers, it's used on a regular basis, and I believe this is what Macy's is getting at.

Certainly, no place is out to get orders wrong. All of these local restaurants are doing their best.

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