It can either be the best part of the night or the worst part of the night -- the maid of honor and best man speeches at weddings.

They need to tread the fine line between touching and funny, while still being entertaining for the restless crowd who just had to sit through a really long service. They're hungry and were only able to grab one drink during cocktail hour. In the back of they're heads, they're just hoping that the DJ will be good and the food will be hot!

People will say that they want the touchy-feely, I love you so much speech...ehhhhhhhh, nope! Be honest, you want to laugh! You had enough sweetness and good behavior for the day -- you want the dirt!

This maid of honor (who's the bride's younger sister) not only stepped up to the plate, she hit it out of the park! Check out her speech!

I'm gonna start penning my rap speech now...just in case!

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