As NFL players and teams gear up for the upcoming season, many fans are getting their own teams ready for Fantasy Football...but you have to be careful when you make your picks.

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A simple slip of your mouse can lead you to draft Bills backup QB Matt Barkley instead of Fantasy stud NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley. The worst part, it happened in one of the world's biggest and best leagues!

According to, a player with the username EnnisTheMenace1 was a little too quick to pull the trigger and chose the wrong Barkley!

The person holding the No. 2 pick seemed to decide on selecting New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley. That pick would have been a home run at No. 2. Unfortunately for the person holding the pick, they did not look carefully enough at the full name of the player that they selected.

Even Matt Barkley was having some fun with the error warning all fantasy players to be careful during their drafts.

While he won't put up as many points as Saquon, you might get one or two from him at the end of the season. Last year Barkley played in 2 games for the Bills and went 27-of-51 passes for 359 yards and three interceptions.


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