You would never think anyone would dare take charity money from a restaurant counter, especially in the middle of the day with people (and a camera) around but that's exactly what happened at a South Buffalo pizzeria.

According to WIVB, it happened this past Monday at Mineo's Pizzeria on South Park Avenue in South Buffalo. A man contemplates stealing the can of charity money (which happened to be for the Alzheimer's Association) before taking it and sneaking out with the money.

Surveillance caught it on camera however and it was made available on Mineo's Facebook page. The owner of Mineo's Matt Franco, knew exactly who he was. The pizzeria didn't press charges though; Franco wishes the man to get help.

“Obviously, he needs help,” said Franco. “The thing that comes out of this the most is, if the help gets to him, that would be fine with me. I don’t need him to go to jail.”

“If he really needed the money, he could’ve just asked me, I would’ve given him ten bucks. I hope he gets the help he needs.”

Matt Franco's partner at Mineo's recently lost his mother to Alzherimer's, so the charity means something to the pizzeria.

You can watch the video at WIVB.

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