The busy holiday weekend started with a bit of a scare as a fire was reported at one of the oldest, and most popular pizza places in Western New York.Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the fire caused minimal damage.

This weekend is already going to be a struggle for most in the area as a powerful, and potentially dangerous, winter storm is moving in. The snow may cause issues for travelers and the Buffalo Bills are also scheduled to play at home this weekend.

The reports came in later Friday afternoon of a fire at The Now Pizzeria in the Village of Hamburg. The owners have decided to close for the evening and the investigation is ongoing.

According to a post from The Southtowns Scanner on Facebook:

Hamburg - Pizza oven on fire at Now Pizzeria at 88 Main Street.
Update: The fire is out, contained to the oven, most importantly The Now Pizzeria and all their staff are okay.

Facebook The Now
Facebook The Now

The Now is the oldest pizzeria in the Village of Hamburg and is a staple for residents in the area. Hopefully damage was limited and they can reopen soon.

This comes as families and fans of the Buffalo Bills are trying to start their weekend and no doubt will miss the great food at The Now.

As for the Buffalo Bills, they are hiring shovelers for the game as the snow moves in to Orchard Park.

The forecast is calling for heavy snow and near blizzard conditions for much of the region and it will impact travel and the game most likely on Sunday. As rumors about the game being moved swirled, the storm seems to be zeroing in on Orchard Park.

The Buffalo Bills will be paying and feeding those who are eager and able to help shovel the 60,000 seats out for the playoff game.

There is a large storm that is brewing and will bring damaging winds and lake effect snow. There were rumors that the game between the Steelers and Bills might be moved to a neutral location IF the storm was bad enough. However, according to reports, the NFL has dispelled that rumor.

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